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The CASCaDe Leadership page provides you with links to workshops, events, tools and resources that offer support to you as a faculty member seeking to enhance your leadership skills.

Academic Leadership Program

    Academic Leadership Program

    The FHS Academic Leadership Program is one component of a series of initiatives aimed at building leaders and developing members of Health Sciences. Further related initiatives include: succession planning; performance management for Chairs and Associate Deans; New Chair/Associate Dean orientation; and continuing professional development through the Program for Faculty Development.

    Program objectives include:

    • Develop leadership capacity to support the FHS succession plan
    • Increase leadership development opportunities available for faculty members
    • Enhance interprofessional collaborations through increased networking opportunities.

    The Program is multi-pronged and includes mentorship, building communities of practice and two immersion sessions. The Immersion sessions are based on identified FHS goals, the Authentic Leadership Model, the FHS Competencies, and the LEADS competency framework. The ALP is an interprofessional offering that assists faculty who are interested in pursuing academic administrative leadership within the FHS.

    Communities of Practice

    Participants and facilitators will connect for 2/3 hours/ month. Facilitated discussion based on needs of the group, with practical applications based on practice and with a focus on common goals.


    Partcipants are provided with information regarding effective mentoring and assistance in finding a mentor. Participants will develop a learning plan based on their individual goals

Leadership and Management Program

Leadership and Management Program

The Leadership and Management Program presents a unique opportunity to engage in learning with a focus in healthcare leadership. As health care continues to undergo systems change, health care professionals are seeking leadership and management education that supports them in both formal and informal leadership roles in their workplace.

Throughout the curriculum the concept of leadership is approached from both clinical and business perspectives, reflecting both the CNA’s and the Canadian College of Health Service Executives’ position on leadership

The concepts and theories presented in the curriculum are supported with opportunities to apply these to the practice setting. This opportunity for application results in a more experiential understanding of the role of leadership and management in the health care system.

For more information, visit: [http://fhs.mcmaster.ca/nursing/education_leadership.html

External Leadership Programs


LEADS in a Caring Environment Framework Emerging Health Leaders National Center for Healthcare Leadership Leadership in Medicine